About us

International & Nordic E-commerce - Specialists in online marketing

Kvantum specialises in digital marketing for E-commerce. We have extensive experience in Nordic E-commerce and we help companies to run a successful online business in several markets. We are a niche digital agency that works with online marketing and conversion optimisation. 

Our aim is to give our clients the best service. We offer close contact so that we can work together and share insights to reach the best results.  

Our team consists of 14 digital marketers and our office is located in the heart of Copenhagen. Our ambition is to be Denmark’s preferred and leading digital marketing agency.

Our clients are primary businesses that operate online stores targeting the Nordics, Germany and the UK. Danish, Swedish, German and English digital specialists work at Kvantum.


E-Commerce – Conversion optimisation & measurable results

Nordic E-commerce is growing at a record pace and we are proud to help our clients to reach outstanding results by creatively using data to reach conversion goals. We work with measurable results and analyse large amounts of data to create the best solutions for our clients. This gives us insight in target audiences and generates an understanding in what works best for your E-commerce business.

Nordic E-commerce is flourishing

At the agency we have a constant focus on development and work across borders to develop at all levels.

The word Kvantum comes from physics and means the smallest possible element or quantity a physical unit should contain to create interaction. We want to be that element in our clients online marketing. The crucial part that creates interaction between our client and their customers.

Kvantum Copenhagen was founded in 2014 by Rasmus Frølund Thomsen and Martin Jagd Graeser .

Kvantum is an official Google Partner.

Are you an online retailer who needs help with digital marketing? Perhaps you would like to sell your products to the Nordic market with the help of digital advertising? Are you in need of a Danish, Swedish or German version of your website? Kvantum is here to help you. Please contact us if you would like to know more about becoming a client at Kvantum.