Advertising on Google – Google Ads

(The advertising format previously known as Google AdWords)

As most people know Google is the worlds’ biggest search engine and has a monopoly in most parts of the western world. But Google is so much more than a search engine. By advertising on Google you can reach your target audience in different stages of the buying process, partly through “push marketing” (Google Search) but also through “pull marketing” (Google Display). The collective term for Googles’ advertising program is Google Ads.

Google Ads Partner

The combination of pull and push marketing will give most businesses the opportunity to adjust ads towards their target audiences in several stages of the buying process. 

Ads for Google’s search result page, Google Display Network and YouTube are built and handled through the same advertising platform. There are many similarities between the different advertising tools, so the advertiser needs to have 100% control over the budget and how much money is spent per day and per campaign.

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Why Google Ads?

  • Advertising on Google will give you the opportunity to combine push and pull marketing to increase visibility and results.
  • It gives you full control over activities and budget.
  • It is easy to track traffic and results on your website.
  • Good opportunities for segmentation.
  • Transparency in relation to when and where you should advertise.


You can view the results of your Google advertising in Google Analytics if you have linked your Ads and Analytics accounts. In Google Analytics, behavior and conversions (direct and assistive) can be read from the account set-up. So you should not put additional tracking on your advertising as you do on advertising in social media and on newsletters.

All campaigns should be set up with a purpose and a defined goal. The goals that are set up in your Analytics account can be imported to Google Ads. This allows you to optimise your campaigns across Google’s platforms based on conversions such as sales or generating leads.

Segmentation – Remarketing / Retargeting

There are various ways to target ads. In digital marketing you often hear the term Google ‘remarketing’ or ‘retargeting’ that in the context mean the same thing. You can use remarketing on both Google Search, for Display advertising and on YouTube. The best way of building remarketing lists is in Google Analytics based on website visitors. You can connect remarketing lists as a target audience or as an excluded target audience. Remarketing does not only mean a select audience for which you want your ads to appear but can also be used to control so that your ads are not shown to those who have a certain behavior on your website.

 For example, you may not want to show your ads to those who use a login function on your site or to someone who has purchased a particular product within a specific time frame.

When applying target audiences to your ads, it is good if you can simultaneously work with different bid strategies for the different audiences.

Google Ads – A good starting point

If you advertise on Google Ads you pay every time someone clicks on an ad. This means that you are sure to get traffic to your website and this is valuable since all traffic can be qualified and used in remarketing lists for future advertising. The quality and the relevance between the ad, the landing page and the user is just as important as the price per click the advertiser is willing to pay. It is not necessarily the case that the person that pays the most will get the top spot. On YouTube you pay for impressions.

By advertising on Google, you also gain insight into where and when the ads are displayed and this provides valuable information when you then optimise ads and decide how the advertising budget should be distributed. If you want to reach your target audience when they are actively searching for a product Google Ads is a great starting point for many businesses.


Here are some of the Nordic and international clients we work with daily.

Decadent E-commerce case

Decadent Copenhagen
Service: SEO, Google Ads & Shopping
Market: Nordics & Germany

Tres Bien E-commerce case

Très Bien
Service: Google Shopping & Google Ads
Market: Sweden, UK, Germany, France & USA

NN07 E-commerce Case

Service: Google Ads, facebook & Google Shopping
Market: Nordics, UK, Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands & USA

Sun Buddies E-commerce case

Sun Buddies
Service: Google Shopping & Google Ads
Market: Sweden, UK, Germany, France, USA, Australia & NZ

Maria Black Jewellery E-commerce Case

Maria Black
Service: SEO, Google Ads, Google Shopping & Facebook
Market: Nordics, UK, USA, Germany, France & Australia

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