”The collaboration with Kvantum has resulted in a significant increase in BabyDan's sales and that our product pages have become stronger and attract more attention than before. Good reporting and ongoing dialogue ensures that we increase growth and learn in the process.” - Per Krone, CSO Director BabyDan


BabyDan has been selling furniture, textiles and accessories for children’s rooms since 1947. They sell baby equipment in all shapes and sizes and also develop safety products for children aged 0-3 years. With more than 70 years in the industry, they are one of the largest experts in child safety.

BabyDan is at the forefront when it comes to developing safe products for children in sustainable quality. For example, the plastic in their products does not contain any harmful substances for the child.


90% of BabyDan’s production is sold abroad, which is important to take into account in the work of strengthening BabyDan’s E-commerce. Amazon has been chosen as a marketing platform partly because BabyDan sees some clear benefits from being here.

The current markets are Germany and France. Here, different types of campaigns are continuously experimented with in the formats “Sponsored Products” and “Sponsored Brand”. In June 2020, the “Sponsored Brand” campaigns on German Amazon, generated a turnover increase of 42% and an increase in the number of orders of 44% compared to June last year.


We work exclusively with paid advertising and not with SEO on Amazon.

→ Looking at how BabyDan has performed on the French market during the period January to July 2020, we see an increase of 175% in sales. The number of orders has increased by 197% compared with the previous year. In addition, CTR (the percentage of those who are exposed by an ad and then click on it) has risen as much as 254% to 4.81%, which is a good Click-Through Rate on Amazon.

→ There are also positive numbers on the German market. Maybe not as phenomenal as on the French market, but sales have risen by 30% and the number of orders has risen by 33% on the “Sponsored Brands” campaigns. The number of clicks has increased by 19% and the conversion rate has increased by 12% to 10%, which is a good conversion rate from an advertising perspective.

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