Bundgaard was established in Esbjerg as early as 1904 and has designed children’s shoes for several generations. Shoes for active and curious children for all weathers. Bundgaard was the first in the Scandinavian market to revolutionise the art of producing and designing shoes for children and actually consider the needs of children in this process.

From their office in Nordhavn in Copenhagen, they launch two collections of leather shoes for children aged 0-16 per year. Although the brand is based on old values ​​and classic design techniques that have been used for generations, especially popular in the 70s and 80s, Bundgaard has undergone rebranding in recent years and they have started an online shop. Kvantum has helped Bundgaard to be relevant online and taken their performance to new heights.


Kvantum has worked with Bundgaard since 2018 and helped them with Google Ads & Google Shopping in Germany and Denmark. We have helped them grow in a market with great competition during a time when it was not primarily shoes you bought online for your children. We reversed that trend for the brand and helped them into the digital sphere.

We have had an ongoing dialogue with the company to secure relevant ads on Google with good results. With a focus on season and product, Bundgaard has received the highest possible exposure in relation to budget. Below we have some examples of figures for the Danish market that were just as good on the German market.


→ If you look at the total SEM work for Bundgaard in Denmark, we see clear results. In June 2019, sales were 89% higher than the previous year. This is a direct result of advertising traffic. In addition, the number of transactions in the webshop increased by 101% during the same period.

→ In June 2019, we ran a Summer campaign on Google Ads, with a very good result. Ads generated 170% more visits to the webshop during the campaign compared to the previous year. Revenue increased by 119% through advertising. The number of transactions also increased by an impressive 126%. There is no doubt that there is revenue to be won from the advertising spend. In June 2019, ROAS was 722%, which means that for every 1 DKK Bundgaard spent on advertising, they got x7 times back.

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