Liewood has produced accessories and interior products for babies and small children since 2015. The founder of Liewood is Anne Marie Lie Nielsen. With 15 years of experience from the fashion industry she has created interior products for children focusing on functionality, clean lines and simple details. Liewood’s concept is based on the philosophy that sustainability and functionality is crucial. The products are made of bamboo, organic cotton, recycled polyester and silicone to take responsibility for future generations. Liewood sell everything from accessories for babies in the form of meal-related products, diaper bags, cloth diapers and toys to shoes and clothes for children. Kvantum has helped Liewood to improve their results on both Google and Facebook.


Google Ads and Facebook were chosen as advertising platforms. On Google Ads new keywords have been tested continuously. Kvantum has also worked on SEO for Liewood. The work has involved optimisation of titles and meta descriptions to receive a higher CTR.

On Google Ads the campaigns have been adjusted to suit the season and product demand. During the spring and summer months, the focus was on optimising a campaign for beach products, which in May 2020 led to an increase of 334% of revenues compared to May the year before. The campaign was then expanded with new products and new keywords.

When Liewood became a client at Kvantum, they only had an English version of their website. This is a challenge for both advertising and SEO. Our recommendation was to translate the site to Danish to make optimal use of the local market. In this way, a channel was created that significantly increased the online revenue. The webshop has also performed under Corona.


Despite the Corona crisis mark on most businesses in retail, Liewood has performed well.

→ The result from SEO and advertising combined gave a total increase in turnover of 161% on the web shop in May 2020 . In addition, the number of transactions increased by an impressive 150%.

→ Looking at the search engine optimisation results, the number of users increased by 134% already in April, compared with the previous year. Sales increased by 256% and the number of transactions increased by 314%. Sales generated from the organic search results increased significantly, despite Corona.

→ Google Ads also had a nice development during April 2020, sales increased by 158% compared to the previous year, and transactions increased by 162%. The result is based on clicks on ads on Google Ads that lead to purchases in the webshop.

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