Mads Nørgaard

The story about the striped tops and the success of starting your own webshop


Mads Nørgaard is best known for his striped tops and the store on Strøget in Copenhagen. The store opened as early as 1986 and in 1995 a showroom opened in the same premises. Since then, a lot has happened for the small store and today there are over 400 retailers of Mads Nørgaard worldwide.

In 2017, the clothing brand invested online and launched an online shop for which Kvantum acted as digital project manager and advisor. The webshop was a big decision for the company, but building it up to meet customer behavior, offer user-friendliness and active work with conversion optimisation has meant that they are now experiencing enormous growth on the Danish market.


During 2017-2020, Mads Nørgaard has worked with Kvantum to increase their presence on Google and increase online sales on The collaboration with Mads Nørgaard has been about Google Ads and SEO to attract relevant traffic to the webshop. Working with both SEM and SEO gives a good synergy effect and creates great revenue potential, which can also be seen in the figures for Mads Nørgaard.

The collaboration with Mads Nørgaard flowed effectively as it was a short time from idea to action. Communicative messages were edited, budget focus and strategy was changed when needed. The flexible work and the quick adjustments were crucial for


When the Corona crisis started, business was affected all over the world, and the Danish retail trade also struggled. Despite that, Mads Nørgaard was one of those who managed that crisis, and in April 2020 the results looked good.

→ Looking at SEO, the organic search results got a boost in April 2020. The number of visits this month went +70,000, despite Denmark’s shutdown. If you compare with the same period the year before, it was an increase of 50%. In addition, the number of purchases in the online shop increased by 300%, which led to an increase in sales of 204%. The SEO work gave a nice result.

→ The development on Google Ads has in many ways followed the SEO development during Corona with positive numbers. In April, there was an increase of 126% and the number of visitors to the web shop increased by 90%. The number of transactions in the web shop increased by an impressive 194% through Google Ads.

Looking at ROAS, Return On Ad Spend, increased to over 1,687% in April, which means that of the budget allocated to Google Ads for Mads Nørgaard, they get x17 times as much in return. This once again proves that it pays off to invest in digital.

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