Maria Black

The small jewelry store on Silkegade in Copenhagen with a huge foreign market


Maria Black founded her brand in 2010. Since then, the Danish-Irish Copenhagener has created modern jewelry collections that are driven by a great passion for exploring and embracing people’s individuality in creative ways. She is especially inspired by the artist David Bowie.

Today, Maria Black is run by a dedicated team in Copenhagen that upholds the brand’s basic belief that personal style and fashion are not for them to dictate, but for the customer to explore. Maria Black jewelry is a combination of craftsmanship and modern techniques that create almost sculptural forms of precious metal design, all of which are very different.

The brand is sold both online and in physical stores all over the world. Kvantum has helped Maria Black Jewellery to improve their online performance since the Summer of 2019 in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, UK, Germany, France, USA and Australia.


Maria Black’s customer history at Kvantum is a great story to tell. Maria Black’s goal has been to increase the digital presence through advertising on Google and Facebook. The aim was to create a balance between online and retail.

Kvantum handles Maria Black’s SEO, Google Ads, Google Shopping and advertising on Facebook. The work has included optimising keywords as well as sorting out irrelevant keywords that do not generate conversions. On Facebook, a remarketing campaign has been used to target visitors who have not yet converted.


→ Looking at the SEO for Maria Black on the Danish market, sales have risen by as much as 51% in 2020 in just 5 months, January to May. The number of transactions in the web shop has increased by 60% in the same period and the number of new visitors to the website has increased by 55%. The data is compared to the same date range 2019.

→ On Facebook, sales have risen by an impressive 1,152% during January – May 2020 and in addition ROAS has risen by 1,885% to 15,047% according to Facebook Analytics. Which means that every time Maria Black spends SEK 1 on advertising on Facebook, they get 15x back. With a goal of an average ROAS of 400%, they are well above their goal here.

→ On Google Ads, the story is just as successful. Sales have increased by 59% from January to May 2020 and the number of transactions have increased by 42%. ROAS is 1,088%, which is an increase of 37% compared to the same period last year in Denmark.

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