"We've had a long and good collaboration with Kvantum, which in a short time raised our online presence to a new level.” - Henrik Hermansen, E-commerce manager at NN07


The clothing brand NN07 has since it’s exciting start sold a lot of chinos, already in 2017 they had sold 2 million, so today there are far more. The name NN07 stands for “No Nationality” together with the year the brand was established. In 2007 the idea was to celebrate diversity and draw inspiration from several different cultures and this still applies today. Every year, NN07 creates a campaign in a new country.

In 2016, the directors and co-owners Tommy Holte and Victor Lindh sold 60% of the company to the Swedish investment company Fidelio Capital to expand.

Today, the company has about 300 sales channels, which cover both a concept store, shop-in-shops and online sales, where the latter in particular has grown strongly in recent years.


At Kvantum Copenhagen, we have helped NN07 to strengthen their online performance since 2018. For NN07, it has been about increasing the digital presence. Retail is also growing for this purpose; by creating a healthy balance between physical retail and online. From the beginning of the journey to today, a lot has happened.

Kvantum started advertising NN07 on Facebook in 2018 to increase sales in the web shop, it has since increased by 120%. In addition, as a direct result of advertising on Facebook, total revenue has increased by 101%.


→ Sales increased by 57% as a result of Google Ads on the Danish market during January to May 2020. The number of transactions increased by 68% during the same period. On the German market, sales have risen by an impressive 119% and the number of transactions has risen by 82%.

→ The numbers for SEO also show good results. Here, sales have risen by 53% from January to May 2020 on organic searches for NN07. The conversion rate (clicks that lead to sales) has risen by 35%, and this in just 5 months. On the German market, sales have increased by 81% and the number of transactions has increased by 66%.

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