“Kvantum has for a number of years been one of the cornerstones of our online marketing strategy. 80% of the marketing budget for Osuma.dk is digital and it is therefore crucial to have a competent, professional search partner with full transparency.” - Carsten Milek Pahlke, CEO Osuma


Osuma is one of Denmark’s oldest grocery chains online, they have been around since 2007. The goods are picked up at Super Brugsen or Kvickly and then delivered to the customer’s front door.

At Osuma, the environment is always in focus. If the customer has chosen “delivery to the kitchen table”, the order is transported in recyclable plastic bags which they offer to take back. That way, unnecessary packaging is avoided.

Unlike other products online, Osuma guarantees that their customers receive fresh products with their “freshness guarantee”. All items fall under a guaranteed durability specified on Osuma’s website. If the customer is not satisfied, there is a money back guarantee.


Kvantum helps Osuma with SEO and advertising on Google and Microsoft Ads (Bing). Our SEO team has worked with keywords that have resulted in a stable first place on some of the most important keywords such as “online supermarket” and “groceries online”. The Search advertising has performed well for Osuma.

There has also been a focus on testing keywords and bidding strategies with the aim of increasing exposure and sales. On Microsoft Ads, it has largely been similar to the work on Google Ads except that the target audience is a little different as Microsoft Edge is often standard on work computers. Ads have therefore been adjusted based on the target audience.


→ Looking at the organic result at Osuma, it is an impressive number. During January to May 2020, sales from organic traffic increased by 652% compared with the previous year. The number of transactions from organic traffic has increased by 610% during the same period.

→ On Google Ads, there are also positive numbers. The number of clicks increased by 88% during January to May 2020. ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) rose 86% to 8,182% compared to the previous year, which means that when Osuma spends 1DKK on Google advertising, they get x8 back.

→ On Microsoft Ads, ROAS increases by 80% during the same period. In addition, the number of transactions increased by 33%. Overall, CTR (Click Through Rate) has increased by 125% to 40% – ie. 4 out of 10 who are exposed to an ad on Microsoft Edge actually click on it.

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