”Kvantum's expertise, experience and rapid action helped us launch a major campaign on several platforms with very short notice. Thanks to their help, the campaign was very successful and we are extremely happy that they could assist us with competence and knowledge in digital marketing within the areas where we lack experience.- Simon Fancony, Senior Business Developer, Politiken


In February 2020, Politiken was facing a nationwide branding campaign for the newspaper. Kvantum would run this campaign in collaboration with &Co. (The North Alliance) via YouTube.

The collaboration was an extension of the already existing collaboration with Politiken, where Kvantum handles the sale of online subscriptions for Politiken on a daily basis.


YouTube was chosen as a media platform, on the basis that the most effective campaigns are those that get people to talk, share content and spread it within the target audience.

Politiken had in collaboration with the advertising agency &Co. produced a number of promotional films that they wanted to market to a wide audience between 25-45 years in the geographical areas: Copenhagen (+30 km), Odense (+15 km) and Århus (+30 km). With the right CPV (Cost Per View) the campaign achieved a total reach of 4.8 million in 4 different formats.


The films were divided into several different formats so that we could test which format worked best. Two films were in full length, and a couple of “bumpers” were also created. A bumper is an abbreviated film, of a few seconds, which can be done in a commercial format for viewing between two longer movies.

→ Full-length film 1 achieved an impressive 2.2 million views in just 9 days. Of these 2.2 million views, there were 737,948 unique users.


→ Full-length film 2 was advertised 24-27 February 2020 and reached 754,763 ad views in 4 days, of which 376,352 were unique users.

→ In 2 days, Bumper 1 received 1 million ad views on YouTube, of which 476,496 were unique users.

→Bumper 2 was advertised February 27-29 and received 788,971 ad views in 3 days of which 421,041 of these were unique users.

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