Rezet Store


Rezet Store started in an older apartment in Copenhagen in 2010. Here, Mathias Bruun Christensen and Kasper Mølgaard Nielsen laid the foundation stone for the business that today has positioned itself as one of the largest sellers of sneakers on the Danish market.

Today, Rezet Store has 70 employees and in addition to the web shop, they also have 7 physical stores in Denmark’s four largest cities; Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg.

The market for sneakers has developed progressively in recent years. The webshop at Rezet Store has also done this, as this is where most of the company’s turnover comes from. Rezet naturally attaches great importance to its performance online. In the collaboration with Kvantum, they have worked with optimisation to improve the positioning on Google for Rezet Store to become number 1 on relevant keywords.


Rezet Store was one of Kvantum’s first customers when the agency started in 2014. Since then, Kvantum has been part of the entire palette for the company’s E-commerce. The collaboration has included everything from SEO, SEM, Shopping, Facebook, remarketing, data analysis, Tag Manager, Analytics, migration and consulting. All so that they can maintain their strong position online in the category of sneakers.

The result has been fantastic and we have managed to lift their online sales to new heights. In addition, Kvantum was involved in creating the success that 2017 gave them the first place in the E-commerce award.


→ It is clear that the work that was laid for Rezet Store SEO since 2014 and onwards is bearing fruit today. On relevant keywords like “New Balance 990”, the Rezet Store still ranks number 1 in the organic search results on Google, looking at the average position over the last 12 months. They also rank as number 2.6 on the keyword “sneakers” based on the same time period. A popular keyword with high competition.

→ To give an example of the effect that the SEM work has had for Rezet Store, we can jump back to April 2016 when we saw an increase of 142% in sales compared to the year before, based on the traffic from Google Ads. During the same period, the number of transactions in the webshop increased by 134%.

In April 2016, ads for Nike Inneva Woven were activated on Google which performed very well. The conversion rate (click on the ad that leads to sales in the webshop) was 2.93, which at that time was twice as high as the average conversion rate, even though the ads were activated later in the month.

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