In the autumn of 1979, Sportmaster was founded by 16 DIFA hardware stores. Instead of selling sports, camping and fishing equipment in their hardware store, they chose to start real sports shops in independent premises, which originally went by the name DIFA Sport.

In 1987, the stores began to focus more on the Sportmaster concept, they created a new logo and used a common store name on the facades. Since then, the brand has become even more adapted and aimed at the digital age we are in now.

Sportmaster now has a webshop, a customer club and the chain has 1000 employees.

Sportmaster has great ambitions and the latest acquisition is proof of this. In 2019, Sportmaster was acquired by Sportmaster Pte. Ltd. which also has stores with the same name in China, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, among others.


Kvantum has been helping Sportmaster since 2019. The work has included SEO, Analytics and analysis of online data. In addition, we have helped them during the Covid-19 shutdown and the development of the website which, based on BI data, would sell exercise equipment for the home.

In addition to working with SEO, we have helped Sportmaster with Tag Manager. We have designed codes, also called tags, for the website that make it possible to measure the effect of the actions taken and how users interact with the website more accurately.

We have been all the way around the palette when it comes to optimising Sportmaster’s E-commerce business, so Kvantum has not only done classic digital marketing tasks for them.


→ Sportmaster has managed to strengthen their performance online through SEO despite the Corona crisis in Denmark. They reacted quickly during the closure of the physical stores, where they had to rethink regarding the revenue that now would only come from online. Therefore, we helped Sportmaster to create pages in the web shop with the aim of selling exercise equipment for the home. When these new pages started generating traffic, it resulted in 68% new users to the site in April 2020, compared to April the year before. In addition, the number of transactions in the store increased by 23% during the same period.

→ In general, it can be said that the Search Engine Optimisation has worked, and that it has had an impressive effect on some absolutely necessary keywords and search phrases. Sportmaster is in first place, for searches such as “nike free dame”, “tennisstrømpe” (tennis sock) and “motionsredskaber” (exercise equipment), if you look at a 12-month period.


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