Kvantum is a stable partner with a high level of competence. They understand our company and have delivered good improvements on Google Ads and for our SEO since 2018. We appreciate their advice which is always based on value for money. - Tue Holm, Digital Performance Specialist, Stofa


In 1959, Anton Petersen established the company that is today called Stofa. At that time, it was with a desire to become a supplier of ordinary antenna systems to antenna, housing and landowners associations, which would later turn out to be the cornerstone of “Stofa”, which is an abbreviation of “Store Fællesantenneanlæg”.

Today, Stofa provides TV, broadband and telephony on a technical platform that is on both fiber and coax cables, and in this way Stofa has secured the future. Stofa has created a strong position in the Danish telecommunications market as Denmark’s second largest supplier of TV, broadband and telephony to its more than 480,000 customers.

Stofa is part of Norlys, which is also a client of Kvantum. Norlys is Denmark’s largest energy and telecommunications group with 2,500 employees.


Since Stofa became a customer of Kvantum back in 2018, we have worked to improve Stofa’s online performance. On Google Ads, we have, among other things, focused on optimising the messages in the ads to improve Stofa’s “quality score”. It affects the “impression share” and is expected to lead to better click prices.

The SEO work has, among other things, included FAQ snippets, where we continuously test different types and then adjust in relation to which ones work best. In addition, we have worked intensively with keywords and in April 2020 we can see that this work has generated as many as 12,200 clicks and 160,000 exposures on the three search phrases “hastighedstest” (speed test), “internet hastighed” (internet speed) and “test hastighed” (test speed).


→ SEO – Stofa’s organic traffic improved significantly in 2020. From January to May, the number of clicks increased by 145% to over 680,000 compared to the same period the year before. In addition, the number of visits has risen by 30% to over 424,000 as a direct result of SEO. If you look at what the search engine optimisation has resulted in purely in terms of sales, Stofa’s sales coming from organic traffic have risen 50% in just 5 months (January to May).

→ The traffic from Google Ads has increased by 35% to over 350,000 visitors from January to May 2020. CPA (Cost per Action) has also decreased by 52%, which means that Stofa pays less for their goals. The number of orders in Stofa’s webshop has increased by 90% during the same period. A very positive development that testifies that the goals set by Stofa are to a large extent met by users and customers.

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