Marketing via Social Media

Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest… The list of social media platforms is long. Marketing via social media is recommended because a large part of the population spend a lot of time there. If you want to meet your target audience and where they are Social Media is a necessity and all businesses should implement social media in their marketing strategy. Many people are sceptical about how much time we spend on social channels, but it is a fact that we spend more and more time on these platforms and it has become a natural part of our everyday lives. 

No media or channel can stand alone long-term and social media should not be seen as pull marketing like Google Ads Search or SEO traffic where the user is actively searching for a product or business. Instead, it should be seen as a platform with good opportunities to target a message and reach target audiences. This is also a place where you can get high level engagement.

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Why should a company be on social media?


  • It gives businesses an opportunity to meet target audiences and affect their decision-making process both at an early stage and later in the process.
  • You can target a message directly in social media but also with remarketing and through email lists.
  • It is easy to adjust the message and content.
  • Everything can be tracked so you can measure the value.

Target audiences on Social Media

You constantly need to run tests in your marketing on social media. It is important to remember this in your planning, so there are resources to test. There is no formula that will always work in the same way for everyone. The content is also extremely important and can be crucial in having a successful campaign. 

You should not exclude any channels before they have been tested, but there are of course differences in who is present on the different social platforms. If you want to reach a younger audience they can often be found on Snapchat and YouTube, while Facebook and LinkedIn often engages with people 30+.

Since the users on social media share so much specific information about themselves it can be valuable to also test the effect on the channels where only a small part of the target audience spend time. As long as you analyse all the data and measure the result.

Marketing on social media – Always measure the result


Measuring points on social media are KPIs such as shares, number of followers, likes and clicks. But, in order to get a complete picture of what the effort is worth you should also look at what happens on the site.

The different social media platforms have their own tools to measure KPIs. But keep in mind that there is a difference on how you measure results and they cannot always be compared against each other. We recommend that you measure results separately on the different channels over time. This is done to see trends, such as; how many people have shared a post, follow a page or comment on a post. 

Most social platforms give the opportunity to implement a pixel on the website or via Tag Manager to track conversions such as sales or requests directly in the channel. You should also track conversions on the website with a tracking tool such as Google Analytics. If you use UTM parameters on your links you can see the traffic source in Analytics.

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Here are some of the Nordic and international clients we work with daily.

Decadent E-commerce case

Decadent Copenhagen
Service: SEO, Google Ads & Shopping
Market: Nordics & Germany

Tres Bien E-commerce case

Très Bien
Service: Google Shopping & Google Ads
Market: Sweden, UK, Germany, France & USA

NN07 E-commerce Case

Service: Google Ads, facebook & Google Shopping
Market: Nordics, UK, Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands & USA

Sun Buddies E-commerce case

Sun Buddies
Service: Google Shopping & Google Ads
Market: Sweden, UK, Germany, France, USA, Australia & NZ

Maria Black Jewellery E-commerce Case

Maria Black
Service: SEO, Google Ads, Google Shopping & Facebook
Market: Nordics, UK, USA, Germany, France & Australia

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