Keyword Research & Keyword Analysis

A keyword analysis is incredibly important as the right keywords, relevant content and good texts are required to appear in the organic search result. 

Søgeordsanalyse keyword research

Analysis & content planning

Relevant content is based on what the target audience searches for online. Google understands the connection between searches and also understands the user’s purpose with the search. Although a search phrase is the same and the purpose itself is different, Google understands the purpose based on the user’s other online behavior. This means that the content you create on your website should be based on the user in front of the search engines.

You base your content strategy on a keyword analysis and this is the perfect tool both in optimising your current content and when planning new content on a website.

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Why do a keyword analysis?


  • The analysis provides insight into how the target audience searches online in a defined geographic area (land, region, city etc.)
  • The search behaviour is based on data in regards to volume and competition so you can easily see where your work should be prioritised.
  • A keyword analysis can also be used in other channels like Google Ads and social media in addition to content for a website.
  • User behaviour can be broken down by season if you work in a business where there is a big season variation like the travel industry, fashion, hotels, theme parks etc.

Keyword research and a keyword analysis can be used in all industries

Any business that wants to be visible online should work with SEO. Most purchases start with a search on Google. This applies to both individuals and businesses.

If you have a website you should make sure it is optimised for search engines. The most important thing is that the technical foundation works. It does not matter how relevant your content is if the website does not function optimally from a technical perspective. Instead, part of your site or your entire website cannot be found on Google.

When the technical foundation is in place, you should work on your content. The content determines which pages will be indexed on different searches.

If you have done your keyword research and have a keyword analysis, you will know what kind of content that is important. You will also get insight in how to write your titles and meta descriptions which is the first thing the user sees in the search result. The information that is shown in the search result is very important, it will determine if the user clicks onto your website or your competitors’ site.  

A keyword analysis and content optimisation is for all companies that wants a tool to ensure the right optimisation of content on a website. This applies both to companies that address private individuals, other companies or organisations.

How we do a keyword analysis at Kvantum

A keyword analysis together with a technical analysis is a good foundation when you start your SEO work. A keyword analysis provides an overview for how you later prioritise content optimisation. It also provides useful insight into internal linking and information about images, video etc.

Before we start a keyword analysis we hold in-depth conversation with our client about the website, target audiences, competitors, goals, and wishes for future activities. We use Searchmetrics as our primary tool but we also use other tools as Google Keyword Planner, Search Console and Google Ads data to find the right keywords and enrich them with the right data.

A keyword analysis is an independent product but it can be implemented in a SEO plan that you continue to work on internally, or if you prefer, we will do the work for you here at Kvantum.


Here are some of the Nordic and international clients we work with daily.

Decadent E-commerce case

Decadent Copenhagen
Service: SEO, Google Ads & Shopping
Market: Nordics & Germany

Tres Bien E-commerce case

Très Bien
Service: Google Shopping & Google Ads
Market: Sweden, UK, Germany, France & USA

NN07 E-commerce Case

Service: Google Ads, facebook & Google Shopping
Market: Nordics, UK, Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands & USA

Sun Buddies E-commerce case

Sun Buddies
Service: Google Shopping & Google Ads
Market: Sweden, UK, Germany, France, USA, Australia & NZ

Maria Black Jewellery E-commerce Case

Maria Black
Service: SEO, Google Ads, Google Shopping & Facebook
Market: Nordics, UK, USA, Germany, France & Australia

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