E-mail marketing & data

In a few years, email marketing and the collection of first-party data have become a crucial element in companies’ marketing setup. A strong data-based marketing platform provides insight into each of your customers’ touchpoints – from visits to a specific product category to which links in an email they have clicked on.

At Kvantum, we help with both technique and design, and also advise at the strategic level, where our experts always have a good idea of ​​how you can push your email marketing to the next level and use your data insights to boost your sales across of channels.

As one of the only agencies in Denmark Gold Advisor at Klaviyo, which is created for e-commerce. This means that we are experts in implementation, migration and training, and that we are constantly keeping up to date with the latest developments, so that we can advise you on the new opportunities that are constantly coming.


Newsletters are often downgraded. Often because the systems are difficult to work in, or because it takes time and requires planning. But with the right efforts, newsletters are actually one of the biggest revenue engines in a B2C e-commerce setup – perhaps even the most important communication channel. We help you get started with a strategy, a sharp campaign plan and a nice design for your newsletters.

Automation flows

An automation flow can be anything from a welcome email that is automatically sent when a new customer signs up for your email list, to a reminder that a popular and in-demand item is back in stock. But first and foremost, it is a simple way to provide an extra service for your customers while pushing revenue up. We help with setup, guidance and split tests so you get started quickly.

Setup and migration

Does it sound like a little too big a mouthful to switch to a whole new system? As Gold Advisor, we are experts in migrating your existing contacts into Klaviyo, and getting your systems to play perfectly together. Of course, we make sure to comply with all GDPR requirements, clean your data for duplicates and ensure that all fields and information are mapped correctly. We are also happy to make recommendations for list structure and best practices that will make your everyday life easier.


Many people get frustrated when it comes to design. We have skilled graphic and digital designers who can help you frame your visual expression. We make sure to build templates that correspond to your other visual identity, and meet rules and best practices within design hierarchy, typography, color selection, conversion optimization etc.


Segmentation of your users and customers is one of the most important tools in your marketing toolbox because it allows you to customize your message so that it fits perfectly with where the user is in the user journey and buying process. We analyze your data thoroughly and then set up segments that allow you to tailor your communication. Of course in collaboration with you and with regard to your strategy and goals for the business.


Testing messages, design and timing is an essential part of an email marketing setup. With Klaviyo it’s easy to set up – but what do you really need to test? What do you need the insights for? And do you get proper follow-up on the learnings that data gives you? We help you make an effective test setup, and advise on options, new initiatives and which handles and buttons you have with
advantage can screw on.

Shall we talk further?

We are always ready to have a dialogue about your ambitions, and how we can develop your digital channels and make your company grow.