We specialize in E-commerce marketing that makes a difference for your business. We do this by assessing the overall marketing approach and focus on areas where there is the greatest potential.

In other words, we differentiate ourselves from most others by carrying business understanding and a strategic mindset into your performance setup.


Strategy and customer journeys

Expanding the brand digitally requires insight and business understanding. The right strategy and understanding of user journeys are the basis for a strong brand across digital channels.

Google Ads

Google is an important part of all marketing. We will adjust your ad setup based on your current needs and ambitions for the future.

Social media

Advertising on social media is a crucial part of most companies’ growth journey. We optimise your results in detail so that you get the most out of your advertising money.

Email and data

Email marketing and first-part data have never been more important. We make sure you reach the next level and use your data insights to increase sales across channels.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is the key to the best rankings and traffic from Google’s organic search results. We help you to reach your goal and get a grip on the technical, data-related and communicative insights in your SEO work.


Amazon is an important channel for E-commerce. We provide advice on how to handle new opportunities and threats, and we create a strategy for your company.

Web Analysis

Gain insight into digital patterns and behaviours of users based on data. With a web analysis, you get both insight and an overview, so you can optimise based on that data.

Shall we talk further?

We are always ready to have a dialogue about your ambitions, and how we can develop your digital channels and make your company grow.