Google Ads

Google Ads

Google is an essential part of the foundation of a strong marketing setup. To achieve optimal results, it is necessary to balance the effort between pull and push marketing, and target your ads to target groups in as many stages of the buying process as possible.

At Kvantum, we are a Google Premier Partner, and have both the deep know-how and strategic overview needed to put together and scale an ad setup that suits your current needs and ambitions for the future.

Google Ads

Google Search

Google Search Ads increases your visibility when your future customers are looking for the goods or services you offer. Whether the purpose is, website visits, lead collection or something completely different, it is crucial to be sharp on campaign goals and user behavior to achieve success.

At Kvantum, we have dedicated specialists who work continuously to increase your quality score, which is calculated based on the relevance between ad text, keywords and landing pages, click-through rates and the users’ experience on the landing page. In other words, we work from an overall assessment of the customer journey when we set up and optimize your Google Search Ads.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping Ads is the shortcut to more sales and getting your e-commerce across the steppes with more visibility and greater likelihood of traffic and sales. But it requires that the individual campaigns and product feeds are set up correctly, so that you first and foremost hit the users who have a clear intention to buy.

We help and advise on setting up and optimizing Google Shopping campaigns, and ensure security and full transparency throughout the process.


Remarketing, also called retargeting, is a powerful tool for creating behavioral and targeted advertising based on your digital touchpoints. In other words, by using Google remarketing, you can quickly and easily reach out with special offers that are relevant to specific target groups.

In Kvantum, we have many good experiences with remarketing, and know both the pitfalls and the possibilities. As a crucial part of a strong remarketing setup, it is crucial to work with segmentation of data to ensure that the right ads reach the right users where they are in the buying process. We do this through dynamic remarketing with the many ad types Google Ads makes available, and on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Google Display

Advertising on the Google Display Network is a stand-alone discipline that offers many valuable opportunities to target text, banner and video ads tailored to both computer, tablet and mobile across websites into self-defining segments.

At Kvantum, we know exactly which handles we need to turn to create the best possible results when we optimize your Display advertising. Whether you want 100% control over the placement of the ads or need to reach target groups with a specific behavior, we ensure that all ads are targeted so that they have high relevance to both customers and your business.

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