Web Analysis

Web analysis is all about gaining insight into digital patterns and behaviors of users based on data. A deeper understanding of user behavior is crucial in order to optimize websites and webshops and get the most out of your marketing budget.

In Kvantum, we always start with data since the best results never comes from pure gut feelings. With a web analysis you gain insights into optimization options on your websites and an overview of search behavior and most profitable traffic sources, so you can optimize the business on the basis of solid data.

Web Analysis

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best tools for analyzing and tracking data. The better insight you have into the way different target groups and customers use your website, the better user experiences you can create – with better results as the most important consequence.

We help with setup, customization and advice, so you get the full benefit of Google Analytics when you reach your goals, and achieves the full potential on your websites and in your webshops.

E-commerce tracking

All webshops should have set up e-commerce tracking to know the exact sales KPIs. By using Google Analytics e-commerce tracking, you have all the data and KPIs from the website and the webshop gathered in one place, making it easy to analyze your results.

We can help with the setup and advice on opportunities and optimization. In this way, you get an in-depth insight into all sales data and valuable insight into how the web shop actually performs.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager acts as a container that makes it easy and straightforward to implement and manage tags and scripts on your website. Google Tag Manager is therefore an advantage for any business that is serious about tracking website traffic and conversions.

In Kvantum, we help with setup and advice on the optimal setup for both companies and e-commerce, which often opens up more and more strategic options for tracking.

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