Stratey and customer journeys

In recent years, the maturation of e-commerce has gone strong. Not only in Denmark, but all over Europe. It requires a deep understanding of the business and a strategic overview to create both demand and revenue throughout the customer journey. In other words, your potential as a brand today lies in your online strength.

In Kvantum, we build strong digital brands. Just in 2020, we have grown our customers’ annual turnover by 2-4x. It requires both insight and business understanding, and knowledge of how we ensure that your brand is strongly represented in all relevant digital channels.

Strategy and customer journeys


To create growth online, we look strategically at your digital brand strength and how you position your e-commerce business among competitors. At the same time, we assess where purely tactical efforts should be made to create greater volume and improved bottom line – most often through optimization of your online campaigns on eg Google Ads, -Shopping and Facebook, but also by assessing how your brand performs across channels. Every brand has something unique. The question is just how to best redeem it digitally.

Target audiences and customer journeys

What does your digital customer journey look like? Where do the customers come from and how do you get them talking? The battle for customers is determined by whether you utilize your digital potential. The path to successful user journeys goes through better tracking and understanding of your target audiences. The good user and customer journey creates additional revenue through relevance and involvement in the right digital touch points.

When it comes to digital marketing, it is precisely the synergies between content, user experiences and relevant digital presence that make the difference.

Shall we talk further?

We are always ready to have a dialogue about your ambitions, and how we can develop your digital channels and make your company grow.