About Kvantum

Kvantum is not just an agency. We are a team of experts in E-commerce marketing with a single ambition: to build strong E-commerce brands through data insights, solid business understanding and good craftsmanship.

Our clients' results must reflect that they work with us.

At Kvantum, our main task is to develop the E-commerce companies we work with. Always based on the motto, that a collaboration with us should be visible at the end result – otherwise our job is not done properly.

Our work is based on four principles


Vi reagerer omgående. Både når det gælder skiftende vækst-potentiale i jeres annonce-setup, og i vores samarbejde med kunder i det hele taget. Forvent derfor et højt niveau af effektivitet og kommunikation.


We understand the media and platforms you are on; Google, Facebook, Email or Amazon are different media where your potential can improve differently. Your content and messages need to be optimised for this.


A deep understanding of the media you advertise on only creates value when your media donation works effectively. Our focus is always on a high ROAS and increased revenue, so you get the most out of your investment.


We work with full transparency regarding methods, processes and time. Therefore, we place high value on present communication and cooperation. We prefer a close dialogue about your opportunities and potential.

Premium partner

Kvantum is a proud Premium Partner with Google, WakeUp Data, Bing, Facebook and Klaviyo. This means that we have access to many different functions that other companies without the partnership do not have. For example, we are among the first to offer new functions to our clients, when they are rolled out.

Kvantum Cph. er WakeUp Data Premium Partner
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Kvantum er stolt Bing Partner

Shall we talk further?

We are always ready to have a dialogue about your ambitions, and how we can develop your digital channels and make your company grow.