Social media

Social media is an integral part of everyone’s everyday life, and a cornerstone of any company’s marketing strategy. In digital marketing, social media provides almost endless opportunities to target, track and test ads effectively to different audiences.

At Kvantum, we specialize in advertising on social media, and always make sure to give the full picture of the value we create. We do this by utilizing data across channels and platforms, and by both working with performance in detail and advising on how you activate your content in general.

Social media

Instagram ads

Advertising on Instagram is a valuable medium to inspire with visual content, and is becoming increasingly attractive for product promotion. Of course, it is important that the visual content is of high quality and stands out from other posts and ads with a clear message that the target audience finds relevant.

We can help with your setup, targeting and optimizing your Instagram advertising. We also advise on which objectives and KPIs are relevant to measure in order to create effective ads, and handle the adjustments in messages, bid prices, target group and budgets that are needed to get the most value for you advertising spend.

LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn is the perfect place for you and your business to make use of the many advertising opportunities to present products and services to carefully selected and segmented audiences and new potential customers.

At Kvantum, we help you get the most out of your advertising on LinkedIn. We advise on which ad formats best suit your purpose and objectives, and keep a close eye on performance to ensure the best possible results.

Facebook ads

Facebook is a relevant medium for the vast majority of companies both when it comes to organic and paid content. By advertising on Facebook, you get the opportunity to reach both previous, existing and potentially new customers and create valuable results.

In Kvantum, we are always up to date on opportunities and new ad formats, and know Facebook’s segmentation criteria inside out. We help with both setup and ongoing optimization of your ads, and advise on how you ensure that both organic and paid content creates value for users throughout the purchase process.

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