Do you have trust issues with your shopping data? We have a solution

Do you have trust issues with your shopping data?

Soon, you will no longer be able to see which interactions have been made in the checkout of your Shopify store

Recent Shopify developments are no longer supporting external scripts. This means that your web analytics tools and digital marketing pixels are in danger. Soon enough you will not be able to see what interactions have been done in the checkout. This can be problematic, partly for your campaigns, and partly for your tracking through which you control your strategy. T

his also means that you will not be able to re-target the users who added to cart but haven’t completed the checkout or dropped-off at any step. 

We have a solution! With help of implementing a server-side tracking solution, we will be able to track all those interactions and send the data to your digital marketing platforms. This actually gives you additional value as thanks to that solution you will be able to track also the users who were not included in your current tracking due to ITP or DNT settings. So all in all, it will give you more accurate results.

Depending on how big your site is and how many languages you run, this is a simple and manageable task that we can help you facilitate and implement.

What does a server-side tracking solution give you?

You will be able to catch all interactions, send them directly from your server to your analytics platform or any digital marketing platform that you’re using. Going with a server-server solution you can obtain almost 100% accuracy in your tracking. So, why miss this golden opportunity to get control of your 1st party data?


Further dialogue

If your shop runs on Shopify, you’re already eligible for the solution. Contact Martin Jagd Graeser or Wojciech Zak, and we’ll evaluate your setup. The solution scope may vary depending on how many Shopify instances you’re running, what license type you have and how many monthly orders you generate. 

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