Search engine optimisation

To get the best rankings and the most traffic from Google’s organic search results, you need a well-thought-out SEO setup. It takes both planning and often a lot of work to get good rankings. Therefore, it is a good idea to work strategically to get the most visibility in the target group.

In Kvantum, we advise and help to get the technical, data, and communicative insights in place, so you get a strong SEO foundation. We have a holistic approach to the work of search engine optimisation because in the end it is all determined by how the users’ behavior and experience of the website. Therefore, the work of SEO should always be with an out-from-in approach.

Search Engine Optimisation

Local SEO

Local search results are the company’s business card on Google. In other words, local SEO – or Google My Business – is important for the success of search engines for companies with a physical ranking.

We help put the business on the map, literally. We often work with local SEO in connection with other SEO work such as technical SEO and content optimization. Therefore, we also recommend that working with local SEO is one of several areas of focus when focusing on better and more relevant rankings on Google.

Link Building

Link building is an important SEO factor in the work of optimizing websites and webshops. A healthy link profile with strong links increases the likelihood of good rankings in Google search results.

In Kvantum, we work with link building based on an overall consideration of which internal and external links provide the most meaning and value for users and customers. The clear end goal should always be for users to have a good and relevant experience.

Content optimisation

The terms of good SEO content are changing all the time. The search engine algorithms are constantly evolving and getting better at reading users’ behaviors and needs. When it comes to content optimisation, relevant content is one of the most important parameters for achieving good SEO results.

We have deep know-how and experience in optimizing content for websites and webshops. In addition to supporting the organic search results with relevant keywords, it is crucial to create a well-thought-out content structure that provides a good user experience as well as visibility and rankings in the search engines.

Website migration

A migration usually involves significant changes to the website’s structure, content, code, performance, UX challenges, or domain changes. To ensure a successful migration, it is crucial to identify all critical aspects and challenges before, during, and after the migration.

We ensure that the migration is carried out completely according to the book, and help to plan and carry out risk analyzes and make a technical review – among other things to ensure that Google can crawl the website correctly and that DOM, canonical structure, pagination management, and other technical elements are reviewed and agreed.

Technical Audit

There are many parameters to consider when working actively with SEO – both in the analytical and the executive work. Technical SEO is an overall area of ​​great importance for a website’s visibility in the organic search results.

To ensure that the technical aspects work and are performed optimally, we recommend conducting a technical SEO analysis that shows the flaws and shortcomings that should be rectified technically on the website. The analysis provides a prioritized overview of all technical errors and omissions on the website, which must be rectified to ensure optimal ranking on the search engines.

Keyword analysis

Relevant content is based on the demands and online searches in the target group. A keyword analysis is the foundation for good keyword planning, and is thus an obvious tool for planning a precise content strategy.

Before we perform a keyword analysis, we always take a thorough talk about websites, audiences, competitors, goals and desires for future activities. Our most important job is to find the most relevant keywords to ensure that the right customers will find your website through organic traffic.

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