Amazon PPC

Have you considered trying Amazon PPC? Amazon has an internal platform for advertising just like Google. Here there are several opportunities for increased visibility in the search results or on related product pages. Amazon offers different campaign types and ad formats for the Seller and Vendor. The ads are targeted to selected keywords, product categories, or specific products. For both the Seller and Vendor, the products must have won the Buy Box in order to be marketed via Amazon’s PPC advertising platform. The payment model for all campaign types is Pay-Per-Click so you pay every time someone clicks an ad. 

Amazon annoncering

Amazon PPC & tracking of campaigns

Amazon has its own internal module for tracking. It’s called Ad Analytics and here you keep an eye on your campaign’s performance. Here, Amazon collects and visualizes data on, for example, sales generated through advertising, the number of purchases and the cost of advertising.

Beyond that, Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) is one of the most important parameters which is used to evaluate how effective the advertising budget is and whether the ads are profitable.

Tracking and the opportunity for analysis in Amazon’s own module is limited and should be supplemented with external tools.

Campaing set up on Amazon

On Amazon it is possible to set up both manual and automatic campaigns. The different campaign types target consumers in different stages of the sales funnel. 
In Seller Central there are, as a starting point, two types of campaigns:

Sponsored Product Ads
Sponsored Products is used for advertising select products in the search results or as recommended products on product pages. 
The ads are targeting keywords or specific products and product categories. 

Headline Search Ads
Headline Search Ads is a banner that is placed on the first page of the search result. The ad consists of three selected products, a headline and a logo. This type of campaign can only target keywords.

In Vendor Central sellers have access to another type of campaign:

Product Display Ads
Product Display Ads are shown under the Buy Box on product pages. These ads can target specific products or interests.  The seller can choose images and heading for the ad.

Amazon PPC – Optimisation

It is important that the campaigns are optimised in relation to user behaviour and current market trends. Most of Amazon’s campaign optimisation consists of keyword optimisation by excluding terms that you don’t want your products to appear on or by adding new relevant keywords.

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