Amazon SEO

The search engine on Amazon is based on many different factors that are part of their ranking algorithm so there are several aspects to take into consideration when it comes to Amazon SEO. With Amazon’s big focus on sales it is the search engine’s job to prioritise products based on the potential to create sales. Amazon ranks the products higher in the search result if they have high sales history, good ratings and when users spend a long time on the product page.  There is a clear connection between the quality of the product page and results.


Enhanced Brand Content/ A+ content

With EBC and A+ content the seller gets the opportunity to enhance the product description. EBC is an extension for Sellers and  A+ content is for Vendors. Both EBC and A+ content consists of a graphic set-up that allows images, video, product comparison and many other elements to be integrated in the product description.

However, for both extensions, it is a requirement that you own the brand that appears on the products. EBC and A+ content does not only contribute to better looking product pages and better product placement; they also give you control over how your brand is represented on Amazon.

What to be aware off

The following criteria can help you deliver a razor-sharp product page that attracts and satisfies customers, which in turn leads to high ranking in the search results:

  • Optimisation of the product title
  • Optimisation of bullet points
  • At least 3 product images of high quality
  • Optimisation of product description
  • Backend keywords
  • A competitive price
  • Prime program


On Amazon you now also have the opportunity to tailor your own brand page and shop so that you can keep your brand identity. When the customers click on the brand link on the product page you are directed to the brand’s ‘Store instead of a product overview. This service is called ‘Amazon Stores’. Here, sellers can be creative and design their integrated website with their own design and content. You can build one or more pages with up to three levels and with room for images, video and text. 

Every Store will get a unique URL ( brand) that can be used when generating traffic from external sources such as Google Ads. It is also possible to lead the user to external brand pages by linking to various social media directly on the Store page. The tracking module in Stores can be optimised in relation to consumer behaviour and preferences.

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