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Remarketing, also called retargeting, helps you reach people who have previously visited your website. Visitors to a website can be saved in remarketing lists defined by a specific behaviour that is relevant to your business. For example, you may be interested in gathering all users who have purchased a product during a certain period or those who have put something in the basket without completing a purchase. It may also be the users who have watched a video without making further contact. If the remarketing lists are used for advertising, you can control the ads and their messages so that the chance of the user taking a desired action increase.


What are remarketing lists?

Remarketing lists can be designed from a wide range of rules. It can be something as simple as driving visitors to the site, or a more complicated set-up such as gathering users who have visited the site within 14 days without performing a desired action on the website, for example a purchase.

Many people search for a product online before buying it online and a large number visit a webshop after receiving a newsletter. This can also be used in relation to remarketing. This shows how important it is to be in the right place at the right time and remind the user that you are there and also urge the user to come back. The opportunities are many and this makes remarketing an incredibly effective tool. Both in terms of promoting sales, increasing the number of registrations or just to create awareness of a product.

Benefits of remarketing

  • Access to previous visitors
  • Reach people who have previously visited your site or who have integrated with your content and serve ads to those who are most likely to buy.

Quick, simple & relevant

Using remarketing, you can quickly and easily reach out with special offers that are relevant to your particular audience.

Customised lists: You can set up remarketing lists that have special requirements in relation to the target audience. These can be used on specific occasions. For example, you can collect users who have put something in the basket and have not completed the purchase. To then remind them of the company or item they were interested in.


Through networks such as Google Display, you have the opportunity to reach users on millions of websites and across devices.

Get to know your customers better; By using specific messages and offers to different target groups, you quickly get to know their customers because it is easy to see what works best with that particular target group.

Remarketing based on customer lists

If you have access to client email addresses, you can collect them on a remarketing list and expose your customers to ads when they’re signed into Google. This makes it quick and easy to reach out with relevant and tailored messages and offers.

Exclude users

Just as you can collect and target your ads towards specific audiences, you also have the option to exclude audiences. For example, if a customer has purchased something within a week you can create a list and exclude these users. If your website has a login function that existing customers use, it may also be a good idea to create a negative remarketing list. This way you exclude these users, so you do not advertise to existing customers and spend unnecessary money. Remarketing can be used on most digital platforms, but requirements and opportunities vary depending on platform.

Remarketing on Google

Remarketing can be used on Google through both the Search and Display Networks as well as Google Partner sites and on YouTube. These networks have different requirements and advantages. Remarketing lists can be used across these different networks. For example, you can target your banner ads to users who earlier visited your YouTube channel.

Remarketing list for Search Ads (Google Ads Search)

Remarketing lists for Search Ads, also known as RLSA, is a feature that allows you to reach users that previously visited your site and later search on Google’s search engine. It can be via search terms related to your brand or your products, but it can also be broader and more generic search terms. This gives you the opportunity to tailor your ads and your bid strategy based on your target audience. In order to use RLSA you need to have collected 1000 cookies in 30 days. The maximum length of these remarketing lists is 540 days. 

Remarketing on the Display Network

Remarketing on the Google Display Network allows you to target specific audiences with text, video, or image ads on websites that are part of the Google Display Network. Remarketing lists on Google Ads Display require at least 100 cookies collected over a 30-day period. The maximum length of these remarketing lists is 540 days.

Dynamic remarketing

When you advertise on the Display Network, you can go a step further and use dynamic remarketing. Dynamic remarketing allows you to show past visitors ads that contain the products or services that the user viewed during their previous visit to your site.

The advantage of this is that the ad is tailored to the individual user and reminds them to visit your site again. Google determines which format of the ad is most effective depending on who the recipient is as well as which site displays the ad.

To use dynamic remarketing, a feed with all products and services is required. Information about each product or service with price, pictures, etc. is also required.

Remarketing on social media

Remarketing on LinkedIn

It is also possible to set up remarketing campaigns on LinkedIn but here it is called “Matched Audiences”. You can, among other things, compile lists based on the traffic to your website, traffic from selected LinkedIn groups or use email lists from your business. In order to use remarketing on LinkedIn, you must have implemented LinkedIn’s Insight Tag on your website. 

Remarketing on Facebook

Remarketing on Facebook is very effective and can help increase conversions and significantly improve your ROI / ROAS. There are many opportunities and your target group can be tailored based on a wide range of criteria in the same way as Google, YouTube and LinkedIn. For example, you can gather users who have integrated with your content in the form of likes, comments or shares. You can also make lists of users who have put goods in the cart on your website without completing the purchase.

Remarketing on YouTube

Remarketing for video campaigns on YouTube works the same as remarketing on the Search and Display Networks. Here you also have the opportunity to tailor your remarketing lists based on a wide range of criteria. For example, users who have visited your channel, seen 50% of a given video, or a remarketing list of followers.

YouTube remarketing lists can be used across Google channels. But keep in mind that not every YouTube list can be used for all campaign types. Remarketing lists based on users who have seen a video or people who have seen a video ad cannot be used on the Search Network (Google Ads Search) or for Shopping campaigns.

Your YouTube remarketing list must have collected interactions from at least 100 viewers before you can use the list for your campaigns and ads.

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