Search Engine Optimisation

Content optimisation

Most people who work with SEO are familiar with the term ‘content is king’. It is not a new term, but when you work with SEO content optimisation is still one of the most important concepts to work on. Relevant content is one of the most important parameters to achieve good results in search engine optimisation.

The premise of good SEO content is constantly changing. The search engine algorithm is constantly developing and getting better at reading the users behaviour and needs.  It is therefore not possible to produce content of low quality and keep your fingers crossed that the crawler will miss the lack of quality. The content should have a human ‘touch’ because humans will read the content and the visitor should have good user experience.

Content structure is important

It is important to optimise the content of a website but the structure is also crucial. The same goes for user experience, visibility and ranking on the search engines.

It is for example; articles, blog posts and inspiration material about the same subject that can compete in the search result and that is not optimal. The different landing pages should work for each other and lift the most relevant page for a better placement in the organic search result.

Why optimise content?

  • A page becomes stronger and ranks higher in the organic search result by optimising the content on a website with relevant keywords. 
  • The customer gets a good user experience if the content is relevant to what they are looking for.
  • With optimised content you get to influence which landing pages are the strongest in the search engines.
  • Content optimisation is about creating an optimising content that the business target audience can identify with, engage in and share with other users. This kind of content helps to boost a site’s exposure in the organic search results.

Optimised content contributes to better conversion

The content on a website affects the traffic and the amount of visitors since optimised content will give a better placement in the search engines. In addition to the amount of visitors, the content also affects how long the user stays on the website, if they perform a desired action such as a purchase in a webshop or signing up for a newsletter.

Even if you can drive potential customers to a website via SEO or Google Ads it is about to get the user to stay on the website and offer them the content they are looking for. This is done by producing content that matches the terms and phrases that are sought after.

Go ahead with content optimisation

When the technical analysis is done and you know what search terms and phrases the target audience is looking for, it is time to do the work where you produce the content. It can be a big task to write texts that are both creative, brand related and have all the most important keywords and phrases in both titles and body text.

At Kvantum we optimise content based on our clients’ needs and brand. We can help you to produce text content that is ready to go online. We can also only do the research and keyword analysis so there is a clear page structure for you to continue to work on. This way the copywriting / text creation is still with the client. You are welcome to contact Kvantum if you need help with content optimisation for your website.

Shall we talk further?

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