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Local SEO / Local search engine optimisation

Local SEO or Google My Business is important for every business with a physical store that wants to be visible on search engines. Local search engine optimisation provides the opportunity to be visible in the local search result on Google. This is possible when potential customers are in the immediate area and are looking for products or services that match your business. The local search result is the company’s business card on Google.

Local search engine optimisation is also becoming more relevant for businesses today since more searches take place on mobile devices. Since people always have their mobile handy, they can search for the product or service at the time they need it. At these times, local SEO can be of great benefit to companies with physical stores.

Local SEO is for all companies that wish for potential customers to find and visit a physical site. It can be stores, restaurants, health centers, law firms, etc. Generally, it is very relevant if a business wants potential customers or clients to find the address. 

How does local search engine optimisation work?

One of the first and most important points for local SEO, is to create a Google My Business account. With Google My Business you can administer the business profile on Google. This means that the business can be visible to both Google and potential customers. 

When you would like to get started with local SEO and have registered an account it is important that all details are correct and that you have chosen the right category for your industry. The wrong details about the business will create a bad user experience with potential customers. A bad user experience can have a negative consequence for your SEO work and a negative impact on the business.   

Local search engine optimisation is like all other aspects in SEO work, based on user behaviour. The target audience is limited when it comes to what the local customer or client is looking for and the product or service the business is offering should match exactly that. 

In this context it is therefore also relevant with a keyword analysis to gain insight into local searches with volume that are in demand on Google.

Why is local SEO important?

  • Local SEO is important for companies that want to be visible on local searches. 
  • Local SEO contributes to success on the search engines.
  • Many users search for a product or service right when they need it.
  • With a good local presence on Google, the business is not only increasing visibility online, it also makes it easier for the customer or client to visit the physical location.
  • You can create a local customer base.

How we work with local SEO at Kvantum

At Kvantum we work with local SEO for many of our clients and we are happy to help you too. We can help you to get started so you can continue the work yourself or we can administer it fully for you. We often work with local SEO in connection with other SEO work like technical SEO and content optimisation. We therefore recommend that you as a client involve all aspects of SEO in your digital marketing strategy.

Shall we talk further?

We are always ready to have a dialogue about your ambitions, and how we can develop your digital channels and make your company grow.