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SEO Technical audit

A technical audit is important when working with search engine optimisation and visibility in the organic search result. When working with SEO there are many parameters to consider and implement, both analytically and in execution.

The technical foundation of a website is crucial to whether the site is read and indexed correctly on Google. Even if you have created very relevant and well thought out content and have good links, it does not affect how the site is ranked in Google’s search results if the technical basis is not working properly. 

To make sure that the technical aspects are optimal and work properly, we recommend a technical audit as part of your search engine optimisation. It shows the faults and deficiencies that should be fixed technically. A technical audit is performed based on the search engine’s best practices and together with a keyword analysis this is a basic tool for further SEO work.

This is included in a SEO technical audit

When doing a SEO technical audit at Kvantum, you get a complete overview of technical aspects on a website that should be optimised for Google and other search engines in relation to SEO.

The technical audit at Kvantum goes through 220 points around the site’s platform. The analysis is developed through Searchmetrics, Screaming Frog and Search Console, various tools that analyse load time and other tools that are relevant to the individual website.

The technical analysis is 100% adopted to the given business and the audit results in concrete measures for the given website.

In the analysis, the website is reviewed based on the following overall aspects.

  • Design and content
  • Availability and an indexable website
  • Platform and IA (information architecture) 

When the audit is done, you are ready to start with your technical SEO optimisation. It is often advisable to update the technical audit once a quarter or as needed. It will then be assessed whether a full analysis is necessary or if it is sufficient to look at specific sections within the technical SEO parameters.

Advantages of a technical audit in search engine optimisation

  • A technical SEO audit results in a prioritized overview of all technical errors and shortcomings on the site.
  • It provides an overview of the resources that can solve which tasks both internally and externally (e.g. IT, web, or SEO agency).
  • A technical audit ensures that the site’s technical foundation works and that it can be properly indexed on Google and other relevant search engines.
  • An SEO technical analysis is the perfect starting point for further technical SEO work.

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