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Facebook Advertising

Have you considered Facebook advertising? Facebook is a relevant media for most businesses, and it has very good opportunities for segmentation. 

Optimisation of Facebook advertising

If you use your Facebook pixel, you can track conversions and optimise your campaigns in relation to conversions. For example, sales in a webshop or contact requests. You can set up remarketing and target your ads according to the target audience prior behaviour on the website. 

Even if you use Google Analytics to measure your conversions the Facebook pixel can give you valuable information. With the Facebook pixel you can see conversions over mobile, tablet and desktop.

The same pixel can be used when optimising campaigns and conversions. This way you only show ads to the users who are more likely to convert on the website.

The Facebook pixel can be used for segmentation, either in relation to visitors on the website or to target the ads to other users that are similar to the target audience. This way you can create new customers based on your existing target audience.

Advantages of Facebook advertising

  • The large number of users means that most companies can reach their target audiences here.
  • Here is an opportunity to target campaigns and ads to your chosen audiences. 
  • Full control over the ads planning and budget planning.
  • You can measure the effect of the ads – both direct and indirect.
  • Here is an opportunity for retargeting and to use email databases in the segmentation.

Advertising on Facebook

With Facebook’s advertising tool you can set-up, edit and post several ads at once. You can also get an overview of your activities and prior campaigns.

When advertising on Facebook, you can pretty much define the recipient of the ads. You can do this based on Facebook’s own segmentation criteria like age, sex, interests, and geographic placement but also with retargeting and email lists. In addition to placing ads on Facebook you can also display ads on Instagram.

Facebook has many different ad formats depending on what content and message you want to communicate. Visual elements like images or video can give high user engagement.

The combination of audience and ad format can increase the user’s perceived relevance and it often has a positive impact on campaign performance.

It is free to create a business profile or an ad account on Facebook. It is first when you publish your ads or boost a post that you need to set a budget.

When you set-up your campaigns you add the budget, you wish to use on your ads. This can be done with a daily budget or a total budget for a given period. If you notice better or worse results than you expected you can adjust the budget and advertising accordingly. This is a great advantage when it comes to Facebook advertising.

Boost a post on Facebook

When you create a post on your business page you can choose to ‘boost’ the post to reach a greater audience. The only difference for the user is that it says ‘sponsored’ at the top.

Due to Facebook’s algorithm only a small proportion of the followers you have on your page see the posts your company makes. Therefore, you should consider if you want to boost certain posts and set a budget for that.

You can define your target audience and choose who sees your ad with a boosted post, just as with traditional Facebook ads. If you boost a post on Facebook, you can reach both existing and potentially new customers. You can add a call to action option to the post that will engage the target audience to perform a particular action. For example; sign up to an event, to buy something or to subscribe to a newsletter.

The advantage of boosting a post is that the company gets more visibility on Facebook and reaches a larger part of its target group. This way you can increase the number of likes, comments and shares on your posts, but you can also increase traffic to the website and increase your sales.

Facebook ad optimisation

You should always measure the result and effect of your Facebook advertising. The more you know about ad engagement, the more you can optimise, to create a higher profit.

If you use Google Analytics and Tag Manager, you often have an ideal opportunity to track your result on a deep level and combine the engagement on your ads on Facebook with your results. This should be compared over time and with other traffic sources. 

It is a good idea to find out if you have reached the right target audience. Among other things, you can compare who has interacted with the ads with the audience you have targeted your ads to.

To find out how you best communicate with your target audience you can try different settings and messages to see how it affects the result. You can also look for specific patterns that appear in several ads.

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