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Advertising on Instagram

Are you considering advertising on Instagram? Most people use Social Media today and Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are all very popular channels. 

On Instagram, users can explore visual content and share photos and videos with each other. If you want to communicate with your target audience through visual content, this is an excellent channel. Here you can reach both existing and new customers based on their interests and behaviour.

Stand out from the crowd on Instagram

Stand out from the crowd on Instagram

Instagram is a medium where users want to be inspired by images and videos. It is therefore crucial that you focus on creating ads with visual content that reflect the company’s values and at the same time stand out and are relevant to the target audience.

It is incredibly important that the visual content is of high quality. It is also important that the message is clear in both content and text so that the target audience finds it relevant. 

Benefits of advertising on Instagram

  • it is an excellent channel for visual communication
  • The channel offers new opportunities compared to traditional ads
  • High user engagement
  • The target audience can be defined quite precisely, and you can work with retargeting
  • Simple ad scheduling and budget management

How to set up advertising on Instagram

Advertising on Instagram & Facebook

Instagram is owned by Facebook and you set up your campaigns and ads for Instagram in Facebook’s Power Editor where you also do Facebook ads. It is not a requirement that you have an Instagram account to advertise there, but it is a good idea. Here is the opportunity to create relevant organic content for the target group. In order to advertise, however, one must have an advertising account on Facebook.

You can either set up ads that are only visible on Instagram or you can choose to activate the same ads you have on Facebook also on Instagram.

If you want the same ad messages and target audiences on both Instagram and Facebook, you should just add Instagram to the placement setting. The advantage of doing so is that you save time. In addition, you can then better measure and compare the effect of the ads on the two media.

Another advantage is that you can edit and optimise your ads at the same time. If you want to make an Instagram ad that should not be active on Facebook, you must set goals for the campaign, define the target audience, create content (text, image and/or video), choose the format for the ad and choose Instagram in the placement setting.


Campaigns & goals

When setting up advertising campaigns, it is important to have a goal for what you want to achieve with the campaign. If you have set goals from the start, you can in the meantime evaluate how effective the ads are and adjust the message, bid price, target audience or budget in relation to the goal.

You specify a target audience for each ad group. This can be done based on, for example, gender, age, geographical location and interests. As Instagram focuses on sharing photos and videos, it is good to consider interests as many use the medium for inspiration.

In addition, it can be segmented using retargeting and email databases. When defining the target audience for the ads, consider which content they find most relevant. The videos or images you use should be selected and match the target audience interest.

It is free to start a company profile on Instagram and it is also free to create an ad account. It is only when you are advertising that you need to allocate the activities a budget. When setting up Instagram ads, you can choose to define a daily budget or a total budget for a given period.

Depending on the results of the ads, ad scheduling and budget can be continuously adjusted to optimise campaign performance.

Different ad formats on Instagram

Like regular Instagram posts, ads can appear in three different formats:


  • Image ad: Choose between square, landscape or portrait format.
  • Video ad: You have the opportunity to show a short video as an ad on Instagram. As with image ads, you can choose whether the format should be square, landscape or portrait format.
  • Carousel: Here you can add several pictures to an ad. So those who see the ad can browse through different images. In this way, you can communicate several visual impressions at once.

You can write an ad text for all formats. The text will show under the image, video or carousel.

You also have the option to create ads through Instagram Stories. Here you can make a video ad that appears between user’s Stories.

You can add a button to the ads, which often increases user interaction, which in turn also can assist to increase conversions.

For example, the call-to-action button can link the user to a website or page for an app installation.

Optimisation of Instagram ads

You should always measure the results of your Instagram ads. The more you know about the target audience, its actions and behaviour the more you can improve your ads. Relevant ads mean greater opportunity for sales and conversion. It is very useful to investigate whether you have reached the desired target audience by comparing those who have integrated with the ads with the target audience to which the ad has been targeted.

The most important thing, of course, is to measure the result in the light of the objectives set for the campaign. Is the goal to create interest, likes, shares, clicks or sales? The whole thing can be measured and if you make the right adjustments in the campaign you will be able to create good results.

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